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AC Maintenance & Tune-Up in New Braunfels, TX

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AC Maintenance & Air Conditioning Tune-Up In New Braunfels, TX

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Did you know that all heating, ventilation, and cooling systems tend to lose up to 7% of their efficiency on a yearly basis? Truth be told, they’re not much different than your car. Just like with your car, your HVAC systems need regular maintenance as well. With Coastal Air Conditioning & Plumbing you can have the piece of mind that your New Braunfels HVAC system is receiving the regular maintenance it needs to stay at peak performance for years to come. We are the top provider of air conditioning maintenance and tune-up in New Braunfels, TX.

Do you want to help prevent costly cooling breakdowns in the middle of a sweltering San Antonio summer? Do you want lower energy bills? If you answered yes your HVAC system needs a maintenance check-up at least twice a year!

The Reason Behind Yearly Efficiency Loss

Air conditioning units work very hard day in and day to make sure your home or office is comfortable around the clock. Consequently, they fall victims to regular wear and tear. The passage of time ensures that a great variety of moving components start to malfunction due to friction, and other parts within your system get clogged. As a result of this, the system becomes less efficient every day. That is where Coastal Air Conditioning & Plumbing comes into play with our top-notch air conditioning maintenance and tune-up in New Braunfels, TX!

We have been serving local residents for quite some time, and throughout this time we have managed to stay ahead of the curve by attending industry-leading workshops on a yearly basis! As soon as you bring our expertly trained team onboard you can expect us to fix anything that may be stalling the performance of your air conditioner. After all, our stellar reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. This is how we go about it:

  • 360-degree master unit and component inspection
  • Removal of any obstructions
  • Leaks and/or blockages check
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Refrigerant check
  • And more!

The end result? We essentially manage to put an end to performance fluctuations and skyrocketing bills by eliminating the stress your system is under while in operation. By rejuvenating your malfunctioning New Braunfels air conditioner back to its former glory, we also improve its daily output and extend its lifespan.

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